My Perfect Day

Let me tell you about a perfect day’s worth of cigars.  I like to start my day with a little noted cigar which is the Davidoff Connecticut Grand Cru($18.95), which is a nice creamy smoke with

easy notes of cedar and pairs great with a nice cup of esperesso.

My second cigar combo would be a Fuentes Magnum R 54 ($10.95) which has that creamy first draw and great undertones, but yet a smooth finish, paire with an Allagash Ale.  Allagash is a Belgian style ale made in Portland, Oregon that has fruit and herbal tones which make it a great combo with the Magnum R.

My full body smoke for he evening would be a La Flora Dominicana Double Ligero, DI 700 ($10.95.)  This is a monster cigar, rich in flavor and a powerful smoke created by Litto Gomez who knew how to create a big monster full body cigar.  My pairing recommendation with this cigar would have to be Josh Cellars 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. 100$ cabs are very rarely done.  Josh Cellars used American and French oak barrels to age this wine which gives the wine a very complex bold flavor.

These are my picks for the moment, but you might find something else you like in our 60 feet of humidor.  Come in and try one out with all of us at Churchill’s.

– Dani