My Monster Picks

The Liga Privada T52 ($15.95) is smoked in the toro size, a stock cut. In stock cut, the habana wrapper comes from the plant that grows 3 feet hight and then they cut it in the bottom and age it for 90 days This smoke has a nice cocoa flavor with a nutty back-of-the palate taste.

 This is an exclusive cigar made for the owner of Liga Privada.  That means your smoking good stuff.

The Gloria Cubana N ($9.95). It’s got a maduro wrapper, the Series N  on the band in the middle means  the cigar is Nicaraguan tobacco.  Bold, choclatty with a medium to full body.  When someone says they want a mild to full body, this is a perfet in between.  It has a consistent burn.  If you miss this one it’s your loss. 

Now for the Alec Bradley Prensada, Grand Toro ($13.95).  If you like the Padron 64, for half the price you can get the Prensada.  This cigar has an incredible finish.  I don’t want to say anything more until you try this and then you’ll see how good this is.