Guest Entry: My Old Standards


So, this is Mark the web site guy and I got to pcik the cigars today. To start is the smoke that got me started in cigars: Arturo Fuente’s Double Chateau Madura ($9.95) with the green label. While i moved on to the same cigar in the sungrown (with the black label), this has a great draw, a dominican filler with a medium body, and a consistent flavor with cocoa in the back of your pallete.

The Churchill Cigar Lounge Shaggy ($6.95) is a suprisingly good value, with a great scheme: the first inch has a lighter connecticut wrapper with a heavier habana wrapper finish so you get two cigars with one stick.

Davidoff Puro d Oro ($20.95). Finally Davidoff has released a full body smoke. We all love Davidoff’s quality but for those of us who like a stronger taste, this is good news from Davidoff. It’s an all Dominican cigar, filler and wrapper.

And all three of these go with a special new release from smoked porter style beer from Stone Brewing with vanilla bean.  Fire one of these up and get the beer after dinner for a great, low calorie dessert.