Holiday Relaxation.

The greatest way to unwind during this busy Holiday season is with a Fuente Anejo 49 ($19.95) only available during the holidays, a medium to full bodied smoke with a chocolate back palete and goes perfectly with a late bottled vintage port like Churchill LVP 2003.  My next choice is a Zino Z class 550 ($10.95)  and pair ith a nice Kwak belgium beer in an officlal yard beer glass on our patio.  Next up is the Xen ($8.95) from Rocky Patel, by Rocky’s brother Nish Patel.  This is a good morning cigar, mild and mellow and creamy in the back of the palate.  Pair it with a nice Pinot if you have it later in the day.  At Churchill’s we’ve got an excellent Pinto by the glass from the North Coast of California called Ramsey.  Here’s hoping you have a very happy holiday!