My Christmas Wish List for You

La-Aroma-de-Cuba-Mi-Amor-Reserva-Romantico-1This month we’re having a Christmas party for all of our best customers on Friday Dec 14th.  Come down and enjoy the works of our Brazillian guest chef, 20 beers on tap on our huge humidor with omplimentary cigars from Oliva and Rocky Patel. Merry Christmas!

We have some great packages.  Romeo y Julieta offers a nice gift pack with five cigars and a flask for $49.95 includ the  Reserve Royale, a nice mild smoke, creamy and rich.  The Habano, with habano wrapper with a full body.  Rocky Patel has the decade, three torpedos and three limited edition maduros with a lighter for $89.95.  Ashton’s coming soon with five pack sample of VSG coming next week. Another offering from Ashton is five pack: Heritage, Cabinet, Classic, Maduro and the VSG.

My favorite cigar this month is the La Roma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva ($10.95) and three more sizes.  It has a bit of a cocoa flavor with hazelnut back of the palette with the first half a medium body and the second half more fullbody, a bold taste that goes great with Old Club Scottish Style Ale. Dude, I love this taste of a dark brown ale with a lot of malt. This cigar also sings with the Stone Brewing “Self RIghteous” which is a black ale, but it tastes like a black IPA.