Our Beers on Tap and in Bottles

Imported Beers

Lindeman’s Framboise, Belgium 355ml 10
Lindeman’s Kriek, Belgium 355ml 10
Lindeman’s Peche, Belgium 355ml 10
St. Bernardus Abt 12, Belgiume 330ml 9
Kwak, Belgium 330ml 8
Duvel Golden Ale, Belgium 330ml 7
Lucifer Golden Ale, Belgium 330ml 7
Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale, England 550ml 9
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, England 500ml 9
Newcastle Brown Ale, England 550ml 8
Red Stripe, Jamacia 550ml 8
Amstell Light, Holland 12oz 5
Peroni, Italy 12oz 5
Corona Extra, Mexico 12oz 5
Corona Light, Mexico 12oz 5
St. Pauli Gril N/A, Germany 12oz 5
Domestic and Micro Brews

Allagash Curieux, Maine 750ml 27
Allagash Four, Maine 750ml 27
Allagash Triple, Maine 750ml 14
Stone Smoked Porter, San Diego 22oz 8
Stone Pale Ale, San Digeo 12oz 5
Bud Light 12oz 4
Please Ask Your Server About Local Seasonal Beers.
Gourmet Beverages

Republic of Tea Passion Fruit 5.00
Bunderburg Ginger Beer 3.50
Bunderburg Pechee Soda 3.50
Hanks Root Beer 3.00
Hanks Vanilla Cream 3.00
San Pellegrino Orange 3.00
San Pellegrino Lemon 3.00
San Pellegrino Blood Orange 3.00
Soda Mexican Coca Cola 3.00
Coke 2.00 Diet Coke 2.00
Lipton Brisk Iced Tea 2.00
Sprite 2.00
Dr. Pepper 2.00
Water Voss Sparklingtd> 4.00
Voss Stilltd> 4.00
Perrier Mineral Water 3.00