Steve’s Picks

First off is the Don Carlos No.2 by Arturo Fuente ($16.95).  This is a medium bodied Dominican with excellent draw and burn. Lots of thick smoke with a creamy mouth feel. Notes of leather, spice and cedar.

Next is the Churchill Shaggy 6×60 ($6.95), it’s a Honduran puro.  The most complex cigar I’ve ever smoked.  The shaggy end is capped with an inch of connecticut seed shade grown wrapper which starts the cigar with a creamy, light floral essence.  Past the cap, the habano wrapper develops the cigar into a medum bodied smoke with notes of spice and leather.  Halfway through, the ligero especial kicks in to give this cigar full bodied earthy flavor.

Last, the Ashton VSG Eclipse, toro size ($19.95) a medium to full bodied with notes of white pepper, cedar and light spice.  This cigar has an excellent long burn and slight resistance on the draw producing lots of dense, white smoke.