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Churchill Cigar Lounge is located in Historic Old Town San Diego. You can Smoke a cigar and enjoy a glass of fine wine or a pint of Belgian Ale in our beautiful outdoor heated patio.  The atmosphere is incredibly casual! Serving fine Wines, Ports, Champagnes, along with local & International brews.  Our 60 feet of humidor presents Davidoff, Diamond Crown, Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, Punch, Oliva, La Flor Dominicana and many more.

Churchill Cigar Lounge offers beautiful hand crafted Mahogany & Cedar Cigar Lockers for rent. No other store in the county offers anything equal to these beautiful lockers. These Private Cigar Lockers were Custom Built to our strict specifications & constructed of the finest quality materials. Ask us to open one for you so you may enjoy the fragrant rich woods used

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in the superb construction. Our Lockers are Professionally Humidified and Digitally Monitored so your cigars are properly maintained

We have the largest selection of “Premium”  Cigars of any store in San Diego.  Come in, pick out your favorite cigar or let us help you find one that fits your palette and then relax with your friends and a glass of Chimay Belgian Beer or a glass of a rich Cabernet.  Even if you don’t come in with friends, you’ll leave with more after you encounter the friendly spirit among our patrons.

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